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That Jablonic found with the players he coached was they had a very good handle on individual skills. He found a group of kids that listened well, worked very hard and kept their attention focused even at the end of the second of a two-a-day session. To how well these kids listen was really a coach’s dream, Jablonic said.

At the end of a two-a-day when most kids are really out to la-la land, these kids stayed focused and would sit and take a knee and listen and watch, even when they were tired. Where they are lacking, Jablonic said, was game concepts and the team game, something he attributed to the fact that many of the players receive the bulk of their coaching one-on-one settings. Jablonic said the one player he classified as a player had tremendous individual skills, but found himself turning the puck over game situations because he was trying to do too much on his own.

Now, you could do worse than those three. White was a big-play machine out of the slot in the second half of the season (last six games: 23 catches, 438 yards, five touchdowns), Mangen has been a three-year contributor, and Ball is a former star recruit. If a new, exciting target emerges from a pool of well-regarded freshmen (redshirts Keevon Harris and Cameron Odom, February signees Brevin Harris, K.J. Minter, and Willie Cherry), that might be enough.

It should help that there are some exciting options in Cheap Red Sox Jerseys the backfield. Ouellette, a nice efficiency guy, returns, as do last year’s explosive (but not particularly efficient) rushers, Dorian Brown and Irons. If Maxwell isn’t ready to carry the offense, these three could handle a decent load.

Which is funny because I talked to him recently, because Cheap Texas Rangers Jerseys he works at the PA. I went over to his house and asked him for his autograph when I was a little kid, when he was living the same town as myself.

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