How to watch Saints vs. Falcons 2017 online, TV schedule, radio and more

Thursday Night Football can be streamed with a valid cable subscription via NFL Network Live. Verizon subscribers can watch games live with the NFL Mobile app (subscription required). NFL Game Pass offers live online broadcasts to users outside the USA.

More on the matchup: The Saints and Falcons will close out their 2017 series on Thursday night. New Orleans won the last game by six points when Drew Brees threw for 357 yards and two touchdowns. Atlanta is a lot weaker since that first contest, wracked by injuries and struggling on both sides of the ball. Matt Ryan Cheap Cycling Jerseys and Tony Gonzalez remain a dangerous combination, but the lack of a run game and suspect defense makes this a very difficult matchup for the high-powered Saints.

It is natural, then, to assume that the easy life of an NFL owner — who will collect millions and millions of dollars every year if he simply does nothing — is a happy one. Jerry Jones always seems to be having a good time, as does red-faced Robert Kraft in his French cuffs. Dan Snyder, for all his pig-headed faults and naked greed, is at least emotionally tied to the Redskins. And Arthur Blank — whose pencil mustache fulfills more evil-rich-guy stereotypes than perhaps any other owner — prefers the Falcons sideline to a luxury box.

These people are not people who have any of the same problems as those who fill the seats that fill their coffers, but averages Joes can at least look at these aging show poodles and find a common bond of New Nike NFL Jerseys caring about the same sports team.

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