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That’s the total number of sacks, hits and QB pressures that Von Miller amassed during his first two seasons in the NFL. In a Broncos-Chiefs battle that’s almost too close to call, his extra degree of disruption will prove to be the critical difference.

Kiko Alonso and Justin Houston got off to blistering starts in 2013 and have maintained their high level of play. They’re not guys that likely showed up on many preseason watch lists for Defensive Rookie of the Year or Defensive Player of the Year, but they’re two names to keep an eye on for those awards as the year goes on.

Both Andy Dalton and Geno Smith threw 30 passes on Sunday. Dalton completed 19 passes; Geno completed 20. I guess the biggest difference though, if you want to get into pointless “details,” is that Dalton threw five touchdowns and 325 yards with one interception, and Geno had no touchdowns, 159 yards and two interceptions.

And Dalton wasn’t replaced by Matt Simms.

Smith is as inconsistent as the Jets this year, but Rex Ryan can’t afford to stick with Smith just because he’s the young rookie. If Simms gives him a better chance to win, that’s what he’ll do. Ryan hasn’t come to that decision … yet.

And Bryant, too. Dealing with the scrutiny Cheap Islanders Jerseys of being an elite-caliber player is exceedingly difficult, no doubt. The pressure will be off to Cheap Jerseys America some extent against a team that is a gradually accepting its role as a punching bag, at least for this season (three straight losses by double digits). With no G.O.A.T. candidate on the other sideline, maybe we’ll be able to appreciate Bryant for what he is: A truly spectacular pass catcher even if he isn’t THE best at the moment.