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Judge Lance Ito wishes Falcons rookie Ito Smith well

Judge Lance Ito’s name will forever be linked with O.J. Simpson after presiding over Marian Gaborik Womens Jersey Simpson’s murder trial in 1994 and 1995, but that’s not the only Kellen Winslow Jersey link he shares with a professional running back.
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Snellings: If a trade can be worked out to bring Leonard to L.A. this season, the Lakers should do it so they can start their new era with all of their primary pieces in place. But if the asking price is just too high or San Antonio is set on keeping Kawhi, it would also be acceptable for the Lakers to wait it out. Eventually, the Spurs will blink or Leonard will hit unrestricted free agency. Either way, the Lakers are now in the driver’s seat and have no need to compromise on what they want.

Elhassan: The Spurs no doubt will seek more aggressive pitches for Leonard (if and when they have given up their quest to convince him to stay), particularly from asset-rich, Eastern Conference, prospective trade partners such as Philly and Boston. While James’ long-term commitment theoretically means the Lakers don’t have to press to get a deal done, they’ll still look to pair him with Leonard, probably the most optimal type of talent to play alongside James. A year ago, the Lakers had an opportunity to go after George, passed on it and ended up seeing him commit to the team that ultimately did trade for him. Would they risk going through the same ordeal with Leonard?

The NFL is asking arbitrator Stephen Burbank to provide a summary judgment in the case as allowed via the Collective Bargaining Agreement for collusion disputes. It will be Burbank’s task to determine whether Kaepernick’s legal team has been sufficiently able to uncover enough evidence to allow the case to move forward. If he doesn’t believe that evidence exists, he can bring the proceedings to an immediate conclusion by ruling in favor of the league.

Per Robinson, the standard Burbank will have to decide upon comes down to whether there is sufficient (evidence) to raise a genuine issue of material fact capable of satisfying the claims made against the league.